Duban al'Masrur, Janessar


21st level Human (Calimshite) Wizard & Bonded Summoner & Chosen of Corellon (Multiclass Paladin)
Calimshan Region, Last of the Breed Background, Explorer Theme
Unaligned paladin of Shevarash (Exarch of Corellon Larethian)
Member of the Stellar Fellowship of Gentle Adventurers (Meta-Org)

Str 12, Con 18, Dex 15, Int 28, Wis 15, Cha 10
HP 108, Bloodied 54, Healing Surge 29 (10/day)
AC 40, Fortitude 39, Reflex 43, Will 38
Resist 9 Ongoing, 10 variable (Demonskin Tattoo)
Saving Throws +4 (plus 6 vs. ongoing poison), Save vs. Daze & Stun at start of turn
Initiative +14, Speed 6 (Climb 6)(Teleport 4), Normal vision

Languages: Common & Primordial
Feats: Arcane Familiar (Dimensional Pet), Hafted Defence, Improved Staff of Defence, Resilient Focus, Ritual Caster, Skill Power (Endurance: Reactive Surge), Soldier of Virtue, Spell Accuracy, Staff Expertise, Superior Fortitude, Superior Implement Training (Accurate Staff), Superior Reflexes, Superior Will, Unarmoured Agility, Wizard Implement Expertise
Racial Features: Heroic Effort, Human Defence Bonuses
Class Features: Staff of Defence Mastery, Arcanist’s Spellbook, Cantrips, Ritual Casting
Paragon Path Features: Summoner’s Action, Summoner’s Might, Summoner’s Slip
Epic Destiny Features: Divine Spark
Cantrips: Chameleon’s Mask, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Spook
At-Will Spells: Beguiling Strands, Scorching Burst
Encounter Attack Spells: Force Volley, Incendiary Detonation, Planar Gateway, Prismatic Burst
Encounter Utilities: Enduring Summons, Insightful Warning, Shield
Encounter Miscellaneous: Dimensional Lock, Dust of Appearance, Heroic Effort, Reactive Surge, Staff of Defence, Surefooted Stride
Action Point Triggers: Summoner’s Action, Demonskin Tattoo, Veteran’s Armour
Daily Attack Spells: Summon Abyssal Maw, Summon Black Devourer, Summon Bonded Protector, Summon Chainbearer
Daily Utility Spells: Mass Resistance, Summon Diamond Falcon
Daily Miscellaneous: Battle-Scarred Champion, Boots of Swimming, Circlet of Mental Onslaught, Feystep Lacings, Hunter’s Flint, Instant Campsite, Premonition Ring, Restful Bedroll, Ring of Dimensional Escape, Salve of Power, Steadfast Amulet, Stone of Light, Tome of Arrest, Virtue’s Touch
Mastered Rituals: Amanuensis, Arcane Mark, Astral Sojourn, Comprehend Language, Comrades’ Succor, Conceal Object, Create Teleportation Circle, Cure Disease, Dark Light, Detect Secret Doors, Disenchant Magic Item, Drawmij’s Instant Summons, Endure Elements, History Revealed, Hunter’s Blessing, Hunter’s Curse, Ironwood, Knock, Linked Portal, Magic Circle, Make Whole, Mordenkainen’s Joining, Planar Portal, Preservation, Raise Dead, Remove Affliction, Simbul’s Conversion, Tenser’s Floating Disc

Trained Skills: Arcana 24, Dungeoneering 17, Endurance 22, Heal 17, Perception 19 (Passive 31), Religion 24
Other Skills: Acrobatics 12, Athletics 11, Bluff 10, Diplomacy 10, History 19, Insight 13, Intimidate 10, Nature 12, Stealth 17, Streetwise 10, Thievery 12

Enchanted Weapons: Accurate Defensive Silvered Staff +5 (Ironwood & Drawmij’s Instant Summons), Siberys Shard of the Mage +3, Echo Tome of Arrest +1, Magic Silvered Dagger +1
Enchanted Worn Items: Veteran’s Efreetweave Desert Robes +5, Elven CLoak +5, Bracers of Brachiation (Paragon), Gloves of Storing, Belt of Vim +2, Feystep Lacings, Circlet of Mental Onslaught, Demonskin Tattoo (Paragon), Premonition Ring, Ring of Dimensional Escape
Other Enchanted Gear: Lamp of Discerning, Blessed Book (45 slots used), Boots of Swimming, Reading Spectacles, Magic Astral Holy Symbol +1 (Shevarash), Potion of Healing, Eternal Chalk (red), Hunter’s Flint, Restful Bedroll, Salve of Power, Stone of Light, Backpack of Concealment, Helm of Languages, Instant Campsite, Citrine Solitaire (Sand Kings, glows as candle), Horreb Ritual Cube, Elixir of Flying, Dust of Appearance, Clay of Creation (Heroic) x3, Horn of Baldagyr
Mundane Gear: spellshard (126 slots used), belt pouch, waterskin, 200’ silken rope, 10 days’ trail rations
Glory Boon: Battle-Scarred Champion +1
Campaign Items: Trained Shadow Mote (NETH13), Tome of Twilight Boughs (AGLA02), Valwater Family ring (CORM03), Arbosus’ Journal (ELTU01), Future History of Cormanthor (ELTU06), Bronze Claw of House Jalt (TYMA05), Iliathor Brooch of Friendship (SPEC08), Portal Tablets (SPEC42), Hero of Aglarond medal (AGLA17)

Linked Portal codes
Arabel (Cormyr)
Battledale (Dalelands)
Castle Crag (War Wizard HQ in the Storm Horn mountains, southwestern Cormyr)
Dusk Talons’ camp (forest near Triel, Elturgard)
Fall of Stars’ Adventurers Club (New Velar, eastern coast of Dalelands)
House Itharwen Academy (Glimmerwood, Luruar)
Longsaddle village (Luruar)
Marsember (Cormyr)
Ruined tower (Methwood Forest, Tymanther)
Sand Kings’ enclave (Urmlaspyr, Sembia)
Suzail (Cormyr)
Tripartite Tower of Taliss Muirwood (Storm Horn mountains, northern border of Cormyr)

Story Awards
Aglarond: Hero of the Battle of the Menhirs, Pixie Dusted, Tome of Twilight Boughs
Akanul: A Goblin Friend, Removed the Goblin Threat
Baldur’s Gate: Flaming Fist Apprenticeship, Nulara’s Story
Core: Company Yargo’s Favour, Contact with the Cowled Wizards, Contact with the Plaguechanged Thing, Entrusted of the Wychlaran, Fate of the Radiant Vessel, Glimnock’s Gratitude, Gratitude of Bhral, Helped Find Harmony, Kurkar’s Gratitude, Paragon Friend of Westgate, Speak True, Touch of the Artifact
Cormyr: Draconic Diplomat, In the Service of the Crown, Sweet as Honey, Valwater’s Gratitude
Dalelands: Gratitude of a Lamia, Hero of New Velar, Illsyldra’s Essence
Dragon Coast: Cymerae (A Feywild Friend), Docks District Liberator, Enmity of the Fire Knives, Sisters’ Gratitude
Elturgard: Arbosus’ Journal, Glimpses of the Future, Hero to the People, Reputation (Dusk Talons)
Luruar: Birth of Winter, Gratitude of the Everlund Merchants Guild, Hero of the Hunt, Memorial Tablet Fragment #4, Sky Pony Initiation (Fire Walker), Stilled Spears
Moonshae Isles: The Fisherman is Gone
Netheril: Favour of the Harpers, Favoured of the Sand Kings, Gratitude of the Harpers & Taliss, Gratitude of the Sand Kings, Muriel’s Thanks, The Purified Prophet, Sand Buries the Shadow, Saviour of Saharel, Selune’s Mark, Shadow Catcher, Taliss’ Concordance
Tymanther: Bronze Claw of House Jalt, Thanks of an Unknown Entity, Thanks of Eshuna Jalt
Waterdeep: A Confidential Arrangement, Enmity of Lord Vanrak, Favour of House Moonstar, Favour of the Benevolent Order of Magists & Protectors, Friend of the Furriers, Gratitude of the City Watch, Hero of Waterdeep, Journal of Captain Darden Morn, Lesser Favour of House Silmerhelve, Memorial Tablet Fragment #7, Necromancer Bites the Dust, Noted for your Honesty, Quest for the Necromancer
Miscellaneous: Favour of Zuggtmoy (SPEC46), Gratitude of Myth Drannor (SPEC41 & SPEC44), Iliathor Brooch of Friendship (SPEC08), Kings of the Sand (ADAP09), Knowledge is Power (PREQ03), Portal Tablets (SPEC42), Questions Asked (PREQ01), Tyrangal’s Thanks (SPEC23), Words of Light and Darkness (SPEC25)

Summoned Entities
Abyssal Maw: Medium, Speed 6, AC 40, F 39, R 43, W 38, HP 54 (27), 28 vs. Reflex, 2d6+17 damage (OA 1d8+14 damage)
Black Devourer: Large, Speed 5, AC 44, F 39, R 43, W 42, HP 54 (27), Reach 2, 28 vs. Reflex, 2d4+17 damage & Grab, OA Melee 1 1d8+17 damage & Prone, plus 4 attack & damage vs. grabbed targets
Chainbearer: Large, Speed 6, AC 44, F 43, R 43, W 38, HP 54 (27), Reach 2 (Threatening), 28 vs. Fortitude, 1d10+17 damage & Slide 2
Bonded Protector: Large, Speed 5, AC 44, F 39, R 43, W 42, HP 54 (27), Reach 2, 28 vs. Reflex, Close Blast 3 2d4+17 damage & Daze (Save Ends), OA Melee 1 2d6+17 damage & Prone
Diamond Falcon: Medium, Fly 8 (Hover), AC 42, F 39, R 45, W 38, HP 54 (27), carry adjacent Medium or smaller ally


Male Medium Natural Humanoid, age 27, height 6’2”, weight 147lb

Born in the Marching Mountains of Calimshan during the month of Tarsakh in 1454DR, the Year of the Emerald Sun.

A tall and slender human with dusky skin, narrow brown eyes and neatly cropped black hair, his furrowed brow and clean shaven, weather-beaten features generally bear a wary or sardonic expression. He wears plain calf length desert robes with long sleeves and tight collar, woven in Eladrin style of mottled grey and brown cloth. A burnous of the same material covers his head and neck, held in place by a slender silver circlet. His worn leather boots are tied with glittering woollen laces, and ornately embroidered snug chamois gloves cover his hands. He carries a smooth 5’ quarterstaff of polished mahogany with an almost metallic sheen, shod with bands of silvered steel and capped with a large jagged shard of orange crystal. From his broad leather belt hang an ornate dagger in a finely tooled sheath, a belt pouch and a plain brass lamp.

Duban’s parents were slaves, toiling in the mines of the Marching Mountains to quarry rock for the city of Memnon. They were among a group rescued by a small band of Janessar freedom fighters in 1452DR, and while most of their companions fled to Almraiven or the Calimshite diaspora they stayed to join the struggle against their former oppressors.

Duban was born a couple of years later and raised among the Janessar, teaching him to be tough, alert and self-reliant. His magical abilities first began to manifest at the age of seven, while he was attempting to light a damp campfire early one morning. Janessar contacts soon found him a tutor in the city of Almraiven, where he spent the next dozen years developing his arcane talents under her strict tutelage. He planned to rejoin his parents and their comrades in the mountains once his studies were complete, but on going to visit their camp for the occasion of his nineteenth birthday he found the site devastated, everyone there slaughtered by blade or elemental power.

Returning to Almraiven, he swore vengeance on the Skyfire Emirates at the temple of Shevarash and threw himself into his studies with renewed determination. He hopes that through mastery of planar summoning and ritual casting he will one day discover a way to banish the djinni and efreeti of the Skyfire Emirates back to the Elemental Chaos from which they came, and in doing so help free the whole of Calimshan from their oppression. To this end he left Almraiven at the age of 23 to wander the length and breadth of Faerun to hone his skills, seek out arcane knowledge and artifacts, and make contacts and alliances which may one day be called to his homeland’s aid…

Duban al'Masrur, Janessar

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