Nicholas "Nickel" Blake

Leather-clad pistol-wielding ethical & organic Solo


System: Cyberpunk 2020

ATT 6 (5)
BT 12 (7) superhuman, carry 120kg, lift 480kg, BTM -5
CL 9 (10)
EMP 7 (8) Humanity 68
INT 8 (8)
LK 4 (4)
MA 10 (7) 30m/round, 90m/turn
REF 9 (10)
TECH 6 (7)

Special Ability:
10 Combat Sense

Attractiveness skills:
3 Personal Grooming
1 Wardrobe & Style

Body Type skills:
8 Endurance ©(7, +1 from Metaheme bloodware)
3 Strength Feat
3 Swimming

Cool skills:
5 Interrogation
9 Intimidate ©
8 Resist Torture/Drugs ©
9 Streetwise ©

Empathy skills:
2 Human Perception
1 Interview
1 Leadership
2 Persuasion & Fast Talk
2 Social

Intelligence skills:
5 Awareness/Notice © (plus Combat Sense)
2 Education & General Knowledge
1 Expert: European Law
1 Expert: Squad Tactics
3 Hide/Evade
6 Linguistics
1 Wilderness Survival

Reflexes skills:
9 Athletics ©
3 Driving
10 Handgun ©
1 Heavy Weapons
8 Martial Art ©(Tae Kwon Do, cost x4)
1 Melee
8 Motorcycles ©
1 Rifle
6 Stealth (cost x2)
1 Submachinegun

Technical Ability skills:
1 Basic Tech (cost x2)
1 Demolitions (cost x2)
2 Disguise
1 First Aid
1 Weaponsmith (cost x2)

English 8 (Germanic 0/4 – Danish, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Yiddish)
Czech 10, Polish 6/8 (Slavic 0/5 – Bulgarian, Russian, Slovak, Ukrainian)
French 6 (Romantic 0/3 – Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish)
Estonian 4 (Baltic 0/2 – Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian)
Bantu 4 (African 0/2 – Ashanti, Blackfolk, Fante, Kongo, Swahili, Zulu)
Cantonese 4 (Sino-Tibetan & Southeast Asian 0/2 – Burmese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Thai, Tibetan, Vietnamese)
Bengali 2 (Indian 0/1)

Cyberware: Neuralware processor, Interface plug on left wrist, Contraceptive implant (HC 2.5)
Bioware: Advanced muscle & bone lace 3, Grafted muscle 2, Speed grafts, (5 BT, 2 MA, HC 5)
Bloodware: Anti-plague nanotech, Enhanced antibodies, “Metaheme” haemological replacement, Nanosurgeons, Toxin binders (1 MA, 1 Endurance skill, plus 2 healing rate, plus 4 minutes holding breath, plus 3 saves vs. disease & poison, HC 2.5)
Bodysculpt: Full bodysculpt (difficulty 30 to detect), Frame alteration (HC 2), Attractiveness increase 1 (Rare features, difficulty 30 to spot)
Replacements: Vat-grown right arm, right leg, right eye, right ear, right kidney

Paired Colt AMT Model 2k very heavy autopistols with custom grips, recoil compensation barrel ports, silencers, engraved nickel finishes, shoulder slung speedholsters (Pistol, Common, Jacket concealability, no accuracy modifier, 4d6+1 damage, RoF 2, clip 8 × 12mm, range 50m, very reliable, plus 1 initiative & accuracy with Fastdraw, plus 1 accuracy with Snapshot)
200 rounds Dual Purpose ammo (counts as AP vs. armoured targets, +50% damage vs. unarmoured targets)
50 rounds rubber bullets (Stun damage beyond 3m, half normal damage and half Stun damage below 3m)

Militech Electronics Taser with thigh holster (Exotic handgun, Common, Jacket concealability, -1 accuracy, Stun Save, RoF 1, 10 charges, range 10m, standard reliability)

Techtronica 15 Microwave Projector with thigh holster (Exotic handgun, Common, Jacket concealability, no accuracy modifier, 1d6 microwave damage, RoF 2, 10 charges, range 20m, very reliable)

Combat knife in boot holster (Melee, Common, Pocket concealability, no accuracy modifier, 1d6 damage)

Armoured tunic (light, SP10), good quality Edgrerunner style, fireproof
Armoured leather trousers (medium, SP16), good quality Edgerunner style, fireproof
Armoured biker’s kneeboots (heavy, SP18), good quality Edgerunner style, fireproof
Armoured leather long jacket (heavy, SP18), good quality Edgerunner style, fireproof
Armoured leather gloves (light, SP12), good quality Edgerunner style, fireproof
Armoured bandanna (light, SP10), good quality Edgerunner style, fireproof
Armoured ski mask (light, SP12), good quality Edgerunner style, fireproof
Matte black contacts, good quality Edgerunner style
Leather belt, good quality Edgerunner style
Breathing mask, good quality Edgerunner style

Armoured Smartgoggles (SP10), anti-dazzle, low-light, IR, UV
Armoured Smartgoggles (SP10), image enhancement, teleoptics, micro-optics, thermograph sensor

Binoglasses with digital camera, IR flashlight, UV flashlight
Mastoid commo, cellphone with 1 month prepaid service, CredChip card
Bug jammer (10m radius, 80% reliability), Logcompass
First aid kit, 1 can spray skin

Kevlar backpack (SP18) with maximum security vocolock (difficulty 30)
Sleeping bag, inflatable bed, portable lamp, portable maglock
Cutting torch (top end thermite lance) with protective goggles
Mead Electronic Notebook with TriTech Datashielding vs. EMP & microwaves & Tempest equipment
300’ rope, 3 pairs plas-cuffs (difficulty 25) with card locks, dozen stripwire binders
Dermal stapler, 1 can spray skin, 1 tube bleached blonde hairdye, miscellaneous toiletries
3 portable electropacks


Caucasian male of Eastern European heritage, age 33, 6’6, 210lb

Short and spiky bleached blonde hair with auburn roots, sharp chiselled features with prominent cheekbones, green eyes hidden behind matte black contacts. Tall and lean and heavily muscled.

Wears a knee length black leather frock coat adorned with rounded metal studs & rivets in a matte black finish, its surface worn and scarred from numerous combats, over a high-necked tunic of black fabric with the iridescent sheen of oil on dark water; a black leather belt tooled with interweaving Celtic knot patterns and clasped with a matte black metal buckle of similar design holds up black leather trousers with padded knees, worn over heavy black biker’s boots. Close fitting black leather gloves with flat rounded studs of matte black metal along the backs and knuckles complete the ensemble, which is sometimes topped off by a bandanna of armoured silk camo-patterned in black and silver and dark grey. The exceptionally observant may note twin autopistols worn in shoulder holsters and a combat knife in the left boot.

During combat missions, the bandanna is replaced by a black ski mask, armoured Smartgoggles, a mastoid commo and a matte black breathmask, while a taser and a microwave projector are strapped to the thighs.

Considerate and supportive to those he trusts and considers friends, but tends to be distant and intimidating towards strangers. Unusually for a Solo he prefers to avoid violence when possible, to solve conflicts through nonlethal aggression when that fails, and to minimise collateral kills and damage… but he can still be ruthless and lethally efficient when he must. Regards younger, trigger-happy and cyber-heavy Solos with a mixture of resignation and disdain.

Nickel has been working with Axel & Noodles for about six years. He prefers not to talk about his life before then, though if pressed will explain that his parents emigrated to northwestern USA from Poland when he was young, were mid-level Corporate employees who failed to keep him from involvement with teenage street gangs and were even more disappointed when he joined the military, and that his military service was neither enjoyable nor distinguished. Those who’ve spent enough time camped out overnight with him will notice that he suffers from occasional night terrors, but never cries out – just wakes, pale and breathless, to sit staring into the darkness.

Nicholas "Nickel" Blake

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