Sam Dawkins


15th level Human (Cormyrian) Ranger & Battlefield Archer (Multiclass Monk)
Cormyr Region, Silent Hunter Background, Outlaw Theme
Unaligned follower of Erevan Ilesere
Member of the Stellar Fellowship of Gentle Adventurers

Str 11, Con 12, Dex 24, Int 11, Wis 18, Cha 9
HP 94, Bloodied 47, Healing Surge 24 (7/day)
AC 29, Fortitude 22, Reflex 32, Will 27, +6 AC vs. Opportunity Attacks
Resist 10 variable (Demonskin Tattoo), Resist 5 Cold, 5 Fire, 10 Radiant
Initiative +16, Speed 6, Normal vision

Languages: Common & Giant
Feats: Defensive Mobility, Crossbow Expertise, Grounding Shot, Hunter’s Aim, Monastic Disciple, Speed Loader, Steady Shooter, Superior Reflexes, Superior Will, Weapon Focus (Crossbows), Weapon Proficiency (Superior Crossbow)
Racial Features: Heroic Effort, Human Defence Bonuses
Class Features: Hunter’s Quarry, Prime Shot
Paragon Path Features: Archer’s Action, Battlefield Experience
At-Will Exploits: Hunter’s Teamwork, Twin Strike
At-Will Miscellaneous: Fast Hands
Encounter Attack Exploits: Biting Volley, Combined Fire, Disruptive Strike, Pinning Strike, Surprise Strike
Encounter Miscellaneous: Archer’s Glory, Armour of Night, Centred Flurry of Blows, Demonskin Tattoo, Elusive Action, Heroic Effort
Daily Attack Exploits: Ranger’s Recovery, Reactive Shot, Split the Tree
Daily Utility Exploits: Begin the Hunt
Daily Miscellaneous: Battle-Scarred Champion, Power Jewel, Premonition Ring, Resplendent Boots, Salve of Power, Uncanny Instincts

Trained Skills: Acrobatics 19, Athletics 12, Endurance 15, Nature 16, Perception 17 (Passive 29), Stealth 20, Thievery 19 (tools 21)
Other Skills: Arcana 7, Bluff 6, Diplomacy 6, Dungeoneering 11, Heal 11, History 7, Insight 11, Intimidate 8, Religion 7, Streetwise 8

Enchanted Weapons: Vicious Superior Crossbow +4 (Eberron Shard of Animosity +1), Greatbow of Long Range +1, Dagger of Long Range +1
Enchanted Worn Items: Drowmesh Armour of Night +3, Eagle Eye Goggles +2, Cloak of Survival +2, Bracers of Archery +2, Spiked Gauntlets of Blood +2, Premonition Ring, Resplendent Boots, Demonskin Tattoo (Paragon), Endless Quiver
Enchanted Gear: Power Jewel, Salve of Power, Boots of Stealth +2
Mundane Gear: dagger, handaxe, basic clothing, backpack, belt pouch, bedroll, flint & steel, 50’ hempen rope, waterskin, 10 days’ trail rations, grappling hook, hammer, 10 pitons, thieves’ tools
Glory Boon: Battle-Scarred Champion (Heroic)
Campaign Items: Draigdurroch’s journals & research notes (ADAP06), Valwater Family ring (CORM03), Mound King parchment map scrap (LURU05), House Iliathor wooden star brooch (SPEC08)

Story Awards
Aglarond: Friend of Aldaron the Loremaster, Through Twilight Boughs
Akanul: Courier
Calimshan: A Practical Magical Demonstration, The Opener of the Way
Cormyr: In the Service of the Crown, Valwater’s Gratitude
Dalelands: Byar’s Seven, Gnoll Hunter of Dagger Falls, Recognition of the Down’s
Dragon Coast: A Reading By Yi Amahl, Alchemist’s Friend, Enmity of Madfox, Gratitude of the Neng Clan, In Trouble with the Wei, Trust of the Neng & Fan Clans
East Rift: Blessing of the All-Father, Divhon’s a Talker
Impiltur: Favour of Haldar, Favour of Sergor Marsk
Luruar: Debt of the Blue Fire, House Itharwen’s Lost Property, Hunted by the Thirteenth House, Sky Pony Initiation (Sky Lord), Stilled Spears
Moonshae Isles: War Hero of Moray
Returned Abeir: Hero of the Dusk Ports, Ire of Melauthaur, Scion of Hope
Waterdeep: Honourable Mercenaries, Lady Alathene’s Return, Vengeance Upon Varnak
Miscellaneous: A Harper in Need (GIANT04), Against the Hill Giants (GIANT01), Break the Shackles of the Mind (SPEC54), Cracked Obelisk (SPEC55), Contact with the Harpers (ADAP04), Draigdurroch’s Fate (ADAP06), Hero of Loudwater (ADAP05), Honoured Friend (SPEC09), Iliathor – Brooch of Friendship (SPEC08), Prophecy of Lady Saharel (ADAP03), Trading Favours (Lion’s Den)(GIANT03)


Sam Dawkins

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